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“Digging in” to Math at Stanton Network School

Attached are some Advanced Organizer Anchor Charts as well as some photos of students using Team Toolboxes in solving problems. They have been studying the Common Core Mathematical Practices – here we see examples of:

Mathematical Practice #6 Use Appropriate Tools Strategically
Mathematical Practice #5 Model with Mathematics
Mathematical Practice #7 Look for and Make Use of Structure

photo 5

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

photo 4


Welcome Back to the NPS Math Blog!

Please feel free to send in any ideas, videos, photos, items you would like to share out in our Math Community!
There are great things happening out in the schools with Math in Focus this year! Let’s see it!

Classroom Environment – Routines, Student Centered Lesson, Teacher as Facilitator

This is an oldie from September 2013, but I am resharing as a reminder that we should have our classroom environment components all in place by now:)


App for managing noise level in working classroom


Classroom Set Up Ideas

There are some great ideas in this link for classroom set up!

A Letter to Common Core Parents of Frustrated Math Students

Grade 1 Two-digit Addition with regrouping

Note the absence of the “carry the one” – teaching addition in the pictorial without teaching the standard carry the one algorithm. The students know to make a group and move it over. This lays a strong foundation for Grade 2 when students are to “discover” the algorithm through exploration.