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Using Pattern Blocks and Guiding Questions to DISCOVER Equivalent Fractions and Develop Computation

February 27, 2014

Ask students the relationships of the values comparing the concrete to the written form.  How are the digits in each fraction related to each other? How does that connect to the pieces covering the whole?

After students discover the relationship of the values, ask them to build other equivalent fractions and show the computation that applies to the 2 fractions.

The SIMPLEST FORM or LOWEST TERM is the SIMPLEST way to cover the part of the whole. The LOWEST number of pieces you can use to cover the same amount. The number of pieces of one fraction to make the other is CONCRETE model of the GCF.

This is the concrete, foundation for Equivalent Fractions that students should always be brought back to if struggling. Use the vocabulary to make connections to the concepts.ImageImage


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