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Place Value Instructional Conversation for Grade 5 – also a good read for Grades 2-4 Progression of Place Value

September 12, 2013

In my rotation around the district, I found myself having the same exact conversation with two veteran 5th Grade Teachers.  Because this was a topic twice in two places, we thought it would be important to share in case any of you are facing the same questions. Please feel free to add to the conversation in the comment section. This is a place for professional learning and sharing… 

In regards to Grade 5 Unit 1 involving Decimal Place Value…Image

On the Unit Assessment we see exponents, however in the standards, exponents are not mentioned specifically. This is very similar to the word regrouping not appearing anywhere in Grade 3 – despite the fact that we know they need to understand both of these skills.

What both of these examples have in common in the CCSM is that we need to be able to depend on a solid, strong conceptual, multi-representational understanding of Place Value. This foundation provides students the number sense to manipulate values, compose and decompose numbers, and apply sense to the operations.

The procedural skills of an exponent or regrouping by “carrying a one” are short cuts in notation – symbols for a larger process.  The procedural skills are not the goal – they are a stepping stone within the goal.  So with each of these skills, first comes the deep understanding of place value – whether it is represented in Grade 5 as (5 x 1000) + (2 x 100) or in Grades 2/3 as  5000 + 200.

With that being said, the trick is to determine the skills needed and the skills that are stepping stones on the way to mastering a standard. There are two resources you can use for this. The first one is on the m:// drive. The UNIT PLANS have the standards for each unit dissected into skills on the unit template. The second place you can go for this is within the OnCore Resource. The lessons are very skill based within a standard – use this to reinforce skills while working through the bigger lessons in the Unit Plan.

Also, in our conversation we agreed that we needed more of a whole number place value review prior to diving into decimal place value. Within the Progressions Handbook you received from print shop, the progression of Place Value (Numbers in Base Ten) will be a helpful tool for you.

Allow for reinforcement of Whole Number Place Value, but be sure to move into Decimal Place Value within a reasonable time frame. This is their first real exposure to decimals. VISUALS VISUALS VISUALS. The Decimal Wheel in the Vandewalle book is highly recommended.

In Grade 5 specifically, look at OnCore Lesson 9-10 for Powers of 10 and Exponents.

I am in your building on a rotating basis. The dates are set for the year and should have been sent. I am there to support your instruction in any way I can.  Please share any questions and concerns here, chances are if you are having them, others are as well:) Image


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